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First Off
Loaded Nachos to share (v)
Salsa, guacamole, sour cream, nacho cheese sauce, jalapeños
Our succulent wings smothered in sauce, choose from Buffalo or BBQ, served with a blue cheese dip


Chicken Strips
Mini chicken fillets smothered in Buffalo or BBQ sauce


Wing It (vg)
They're wings Jim but not as we know it. Jackfruit wings with a side of Buffalo or BBQ sauce


Opening Times
7 days a week 12noon-9pm


All our Beef pattys are 6oz and made with 100% aged grass-fed British steak and absolutely no additives!
Classic Cheese
American or Stilton, lettuce, caramelised red onions, pickles, ketchup, mayo
Cheese & Bacon
Cheese, lettuce, caramelised red onions, bacon, pickles, T.B.S sauce
Holy Fire
Mexicana cheese, lettuce, tomato, jalapeños, Rib Man’s Holy F**k sauce
Sweet Home Avocado
Cheese, tomato, bacon, sliced avocado, harissa mayo
This Little Piggy
Slow cooked pulled pork, cheese, house slaw, South Carolina BBQ sauce
Mac Attack™
Mac ‘n’ cheese burger sandwiched between two 3oz smashed steak pattys, lettuce, cheese, Stokes Bloody Mary ketchup
100% British chicken breast, marinated in buttermilk and coated with our secret blend of herbs and spices
House slaw, pickles, lettuce, aioli
£8.75 (add bacon for £1.50 extra)
Flamin’ Rooster
Stilton, lettuce, jalapeño mayo, buffalo sauce


Vegan and Vegetarian

Vagabond (v)
Halloumi, lettuce, tomato, portobello, mushroom, mint yoghurt


Mexican Bean (vg)
Lightly spiced bean patty, lettuce, tomato, salsa, sliced avocado


Almost Classic Cheese (vg)
100% plant 0% cow Moving Mountains® patty, vegan cheddar, lettuce, caramelised red onions, pickles, ketchup, vegan may


No Cluck'in Chicken (vg)
Jackfruit patty, house slaw, pickles, lettuce, aioli

£8.75 (add This Isn't Bacon for £1.50 extra)

Fries and Sides

Skin-on-fries with Rosemary Salt (vg) (gf)


Sweet Potato Fries (vg) (gf)


Halloumi Fries (v)
Served with a sweet chilli dip


Chilli Fries (gf)
Skin-on-fries smothered with homemade chilli con carne, grated cheddar, jalapeños, sour cream


Nacho Fries (v) (gf)

Skin-on-fries smothered with cheese sauce, guacamole, salsa, sour cream


Bacon Fries (v)
Skin-on-fries smothered with baconnaise, bacon bits


Onion Straws (v)


House Slaw (vg) (gf)


Mac ‘n’ Cheese (v)


House Salad (vg) (gf)

Baby gem, cucumber, tomatoes, sweetcorn, avocado, with a vegan ranch dressing


Floats & Shakes

Cream Soda, Coca Cola, Cherryade


Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Oreo



Baileys & Chocolate, Oreo & Amaretto, Jager Shaker, Malibu Island



Chocolate Brownie & Vanilla Ice Cream


Sticky Toffee Pudding & Vanilla Ice Cream


Toffee and Honeycomb Cheesecake


Waffle, Vanilla Ice Cream & Maple Syrup


Chocolate and Raspberry Torte & Raspberry Sorbet


Ice Cream:

1 scoop £1.60
2 scoops £3.00
3 scoops £4.50

Gluten free buns available on request.
(v) - Vegetarian
(vg) - Vegan
(gf) - Gluten Freen